Undergraduate Admissions

Financial Assistance

IIITH strongly believes that financial constraints should not be an impediment to accessing quality education.  Hence, the Institute strives to provide financial assistance to every admitted student who needs it. The avenues for such assistance are listed below.

  1. State Bank of India (IIIT branch) guarantees a SBI Scholar student loan to anyone who secures admission at IIITH for up to 40 lakhs (without the need for any security). This can be availed even if the applicant’s family has other existing loans.
    For loan scheme interest details click here
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  1. The alumni of IIITH have set up a fund to support successfully admitted students based on need. The assistance is provided on a pay-it-forward* basis. The fund provides the below support
  • Financial support will be available to students whose family income is below 8 lakhs per annum from the 2nd semester, subject to availability and meeting stipulated criteria.
  • Students above the income threshold can also apply and may be awarded tuition support if their case is found by a committee to merit the same.

* In a Pay-it-forward scheme the student agrees to pay the tuition fees of another student, after she/he graduates successfully and starts earning.

Updated in June 2024